Celebrating Sober October!

As October unfolds, many of us choose to embrace a month of sobriety and wellness, making conscious decisions to rejuvenate our bodies and minds. What better way to honor this commitment than with a delightful, non-alcoholic creation? Our Rhubarb, Strawberry, and Lime Gazoz not only celebrates the flavors of Israel but also complements the ethos of Sober October, offering a tantalizing beverage without the need for spirits.

Imagine sipping this revitalizing drink, feeling the brisk autumn air, and relishing the burst of flavors in each sip. The combination of tangy rhubarb, luscious strawberries, and zesty lime promises a taste experience that dances on your palate, leaving you refreshed and invigorated.

Rhubarb, strawberry and Persian lime Gazoz recipe

To make the fruit syrups:

3 Jars with a air tight lock (Kilner jars are best)
300g Fresh rhubarb
300g Strawberry
100g Dried Persian lime
1kg Sugar
1L of 1:1 sugar syrup
Chopping board
Pestle and mortar
Fine colander
1 2L bowl
3 1L bottles



  1. Get your fruit and cut it up, making sure it’s washed and clean, the smaller the better (we normally aim for half a inch sliced)
  2. Get your Persian Lime and break it up, this will make the flavor intense and more aromatic
  3. Put 300g of Strawberry and Rhubarb in their respective jars, add 210g of sugar, make sure this is on top of the fruit to press down on the fruit to get the lovely juice!
  4. Place the smashed lime in a jar and pour the 1:1 sugar syrup over until the jar is full
  5. Seal these jars up
  6. Wait for 2 days, leave them in a cool dry space out of direct sunlight, open them up every 12 hours and smell to see if there are any unwanted smells
  7. Take the jar and use your colander and pour your liquid out into a big bowl, the liquid should be translucent and either red (strawberry), Pink (Rhubarb) or Black (Lime)

How to make a single drink:

Sparkling water
Bunch of sage
1 Strawberry
1 Persian Lime

  1. First, add your syrups – 25ml of rhubarb, 15ml strawberry and 10ml lime into a nice big glass
  2. Then add a lot of ice and top it with sparkling water
  3. Get a spoon and stir the mixture around, it should be pinky red (you may get some black bits from the lime but that’s ok)
  4. Garnish with a big bunch of sage, half a strawberry, a slice of lime and a straw!