About Kapara

An all day, all night and anything goes affair. Fine wine, middle eastern flavours and good times. Let the party start.

A Soho Outdoor Dining Experience like no other…

The Kapara Style


Amongst the hustle and bustle of Soho, one of London’s most alluring quarters, you’ll find our subterranean fantasy, solely made to share with you!

Forget what you know about London’s climate of rain and grey skies, by immersing yourself in Kapara’s hot summer nights.

Our Soho-located outdoor dining experience is 1970’s style extreme. Providing the fun, food and frisky entertainment – without limits! So leave all judgements at the door, wine and dine with our sexy disco divas.. it’s time to live for the moment!

Upon entering London’s best kept secret, you’ll discover that Kapara is not just any Soho outdoor bar or quirky restaurant located in central London… we’re outrageously arousing, not solely for our middle eastern dishes. The nature of Kapara’s risque ambiance proves we are provocative in every sense of the word. It’s time to feel the all-over sensation… you’ll be leaving with your mouth watering and eyes dazzling from both the tastes and sights, unimaginable to any other.

Our one-of-a-kind, iconic chef Eran Tibi has truly seen and experienced it all! Meaning his unparalleled blend of Eastern Mediterranean cuisine and culture will guarantee you the glamorously Soho alfresco dining escapade like no other.

Our ambiance and unbeatable vibes


Kapara’s origins have encouraged the beyond-realism mentality and an uncompromising attitude towards life thanks to the Med’s embracing society and transparent outlook on life.

At Kapara, you’ll embark and adapt to Mediterranean cultural traits, feeling as if you are truly one of us! But be aware, we never tread lightly… being cautious is not in our nature. Prepare to be aroused by our friendly waiters, flamboyant drag queens and over the top (yet undeniably succulent) spices and flavours.

Kapara is not just your standard Soho outdoor dining spot, it’s beyond that, Kapara’s origins have been influenced by Mediterranean culture for an uncompromising attitude of warmth and love of the very best things in life – food, drink, and entertainment with the most enjoyable company.

If you’re looking for an outstanding gay-friendly and LGBT-friendly bar in London, then you’ll find that everyone is welcome and we embrace all. Imagine a restaurant where the food makes you swoon with delight and the drinks make you want to kiss the next person you lay your eyes on!

Enjoy flirty banter with our attentive staff who will cater to your every need, and revel in a richly hedonistic ambiance that will have you wanting the evening to never end – and make you yearn to come again. A visit to Kapara is an experience you’ll never forget.

What to expect from our Soho outdoor dining adventure


You may have heard that, just like our Mediterranean friends, we live for the moment. Bringing inclusivity through an exclusive venture. So no matter your age, gender, nationality, size, or even how picky you are with your food, we’ll accommodate you! Welcoming you to our disabled access restaurant full of music in London, giving you that sit-down nightlife feel.

At Kapara, we live through Eran’s grandfather, an ostentatious playboy and lover of life. Mixing Eran’s one-of-a-kind heritage, hedonistic philosophy and LGBT+ orientations for the most sensational and quirky restaurant in central London!

Expect a variety of unique atmospheres from daring drag show brunches in the day time, to our up-all-night Soho outdoor bar! Kapara brings the dynamic and creative Mediterranea culture to the city that never sleeps.

Eran’s purpose: From the Middle East to Soho


Our vivacious Kapara owner, Eran Tibi, brought his middle eastern heritage to the heart of London upon discovering the art of cooking and the importance of living in the now, motivated by his influential family.

Each milestone achieved in Eran’s life resulted in the greatness that is Kapara today – bringing his culture and long-life memories of food into the indulgent menu you can experience for yourself.

Eran chose the Soho outdoor dining location over any other, in order to provide a hub to escape from the ‘real world’, into an exclusive artistic central lounge and restaurant in the very essence of London. If you’re looking for Soho bars with outdoor seating we welcome you to Kapara – the outdoor dining with cover that’ll make you forget you’re in London but instead drinking and smoking like they do in the Med.

Mixing flirtatious Soho’s restaurants and music clubs into one hot, sweet mess.. and we’re not talking about the food!

Share plates at your corporate event or experiment with playful dishes with your next first date.