About Eran Tibi

Eran is the epitome of the modern day chef. His ethos permeates not just the food his restaurants host, but the experiences they hold too. High tempo & full of energy, his restaurants are an authentic reflection of him, bring a lot of fun into fine dining.

Kapara – Tapas in Soho


Who is Eran Tibi?


Eran’s earliest memories involve food. Helping his father, a Tunisian born baker, in their family bakery and the times he spent with his mother, trimming okra tips. Family and food became intertwined, inseparable for Eran from a young age. Food wasn’t a means-to-an-end for the Tibi family, it meant more, it was a way of life.

It wasn’t just food that proved to be a defining influence on Eran. His grandfather, a great lover of life and all its indulgences, instilled in Eran the importance of living for the moment, of being present in the now.

His grandfather owned a bar, a restaurant, and a club. Eran saw first hand the power of bringing people together, to celebrate the vibrancy of being alive and the differences in others. He realised that no matter who you are or what you do for a living, we all have one thing in common, we all love food. And some of the best times in life involve coming closer to one another over a good meal and free-flowing drink.

Eran’s rise from student to superstar chef


Unfortunately, after 18 years the Tibi family bakery closed and Eran decided he wanted to try something different for a while. Ever the keen mind, Eran studied engineering at university and afterwards built a successful career in marketing. But this wasn’t enough, it wasn’t fulfilling, and even though he was successful, he longed to return to where his passions lay.

When he turned 30, he decided enough was enough, life is for the living, and he owed it to himself to pursue his dream career.

Eran decided to undertake formal training at the prestigious, world leading Le Cordon Bleu culinary school in London, an institution that has been training world class chefs for 120 years.

His training and mixed heritage gave him the tools necessary to create inspired dishes infusing a spectrum of Middle Eastern flavours, with influences from Tunisian, Syrian, Israeli and Greek cuisine. The flare he has for life now being matched by his flare in the kitchen.

Under the direction of mastermind chef Sami Tamimi at Ottolenghi, Eran spent four years mastering his craft and expanding his already impressive knowledge of Middle Eastern cuisine. In the years since he has worked with Ramael Scully at Nopi and Josh Katz at Made in Camden.

All of this culminated in the creation of Bala Baya, his own restaurant, a way to bring his elevated cooking style and Eastern Mediterranean food together to create a culinary experience like no other, an experience that has now been perfected with his new endeavour, Kapara.

An experience you will never forget, at Kapara


Bringing his raw creative energy and vibrantly progressive cooking style to create Kapara. Eran has taken inspiration from not only Middle Eastern cuisine but also elements of many cultures that he has experienced on his travels, soaking up the atmospheres of Japan, Hong Kong, and Western America to name a few.

Inside Kapara, Eran has created a destination, an experience centred around food and the joy of living. We want you to taste the delights of Eastern Mediterranean cuisine and each other. A space open to lovers, friends, and strangers, anyone looking for a good time.

We believe food is for sharing. We know that you will be salivating at our expansive menu even if you’re just looking for a Sunday lunch in Soho. Decide which of the sumptuous plates you want to sample first. Our eclectic range of big playful platters is designed to put a smile on your face as you taste the sensational succulent splendour of the best Mediterranean street food in London.

Dive in, hands first, touch, feel, breathe in the sensual pleasures of a meal shared with others. Looking for tapas in Soho? Take your time to sample small tapas style plates, vegan and gluten-free foods prepared with care. Breads, salads, fish, Halal lamb and poultry, it’s all up for grabs.

Bringing Middle Eastern food to London in a way you’ve never experienced


Whether you are looking for a healthy Soho vegan brunch, or the most delectable hummus restaurant in London, we’ve got you covered. We want everyone to feel welcome, and to that end we cater for every dietary requirement. All of our vegan food is prepared separately to make sure there is no cross-contamination with non-vegan dishes.

We ensure that all of our lamb and poultry is Halal, with a view to extending this in the future to include other tantalising meat dishes, and make ourselves the most inclusive Halal restaurant in London.

Enjoy Eran’s unique take on Babka. Treated like a steak, the Babka is chargrilled in our Robata grill and stuffed with seasonal fillings and compotes, almost like French toast. If you’ve had Babka in London before we can guarantee you’ve never had it like this, perfect for both brunch and dessert.

Spicy or savoury, hot or cold, our Meze plates will inspire in you a lust for food that we hope will transform inside you, to become a lust for all the good things in life. Enjoy one of the liveliest seafood bars in Soho and then wash it all down with some delicious, full-bodied red wine.

We want you to embrace you, to go beyond your expectations, however you live, however you love, we want you to choose to spend your time with us. So, book a table now, swing by when you’re in town, have a look at our incredible cocktails and our magnificent menu.